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Happy Fall!

Introducing the TV Studio in a Box, which is the fastest video editor on the planet, and the easiest to learn. Weddings can be edited in one day. Author and burn your BluRay's and DVD's with Hollywood menus to the two built in drives. Send your edited video files to Cell Phones, Thumb Drives, Media Cards, Hard Drives, and the Internet. Time is money, and you will find gold with the MacroSystem Karat video editing workstation!

  1. Trade-ins are only taken on the Karat; the values for the different used Bogart Models are on the Karat link below. Whatever Add-on software you have is transferred for free. For Smart Edit models, there is no longer any trade-in value, but they can be surrendered on the Karat for a free software transfer, except for a few programs that have HD upgrade fees. 
  2. The Karat comes with two built-in Blu Ray Disc/DVD Disc readers and writers. THIS IS HUGE!  The Karat is also an optical disc duplicator. You can rapidly duplicate 2 discs at a time, or you can put one disc you want to copy in the top, and a few minutes later an exact copy pops out of the bottom unit. A stand alone 2-target CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Disc duplicator will set you back at least $600 if you had to buy it, but one that works this well would be over $1000.

Here is the  link to more info and pictures of the Karat: 

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