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Happy New Year !

We are very pleased to introduce the two new MacroSystem Casablanca Video Editing Systems: The affordable Topaz, and the high end Karat with a BluRay/DVD 1 to 1 duplicator!

       The New MS Karat and Topaz are now shipping! MacroSystem's suggested retail pricing has been set at $2599 for the Topaz, and $3999 for the Karat. We accept all the cards and PayPal, plus have a leasing program where the monthly payment is around $150 on the Karat. We also offer a 2% discount for cash or check. 

 Here are some of the differences between the Topaz and Karat:

  1. Trade-ins are only taken on the Karat; the values for the different used Bogart Models are on the Karat link below.  Most of your add-on software will transfer free, however a few programs require a small upgrade fee.  For used Smart Edit Models, there is no longer any trade-in value, but they can be surrendered on the Karat and the Topaz for a free software transfer, except for a few programs that have HD upgrade fees. 
  2. The software package that comes with the Karat is worth $626 more than what comes with the Topaz, plus it has a keyboard.  At least one of those programs Gold Pack, is absolutely essential in my opinion, and costs $199 more on the Topaz:  Hard Drive Back-Up Software is essential for all professionals, and I would argue hobbyist too:  Power Key SW speeds up repetitive tasks, and many can not live without it:  3d Professional SW is the least important of the extra included Karat software: .
  3. While the Topaz comes with a CD, DVD, Blu-Ray burner, unlike the entry level models of the past, the Karat comes with two. THIS IS HUGE! The Karat is also an optical disc duplicator. You can rapidly duplicate 2 discs at a time, or you can put one disc you want to copy in the top, and a few minutes later an exact copy pops out of the bottom unit. A stand alone 2-target CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Disc duplicator will set you back at least $600 if you had to buy it, but one that works this well would be over $1000.
  4. In addition to twice the optical disc readers and writers, the Karat also has twice the Hard Drive size (2Tb), and twice the RAM (4Gb). 

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