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Bogart 5 SE Operating System
Bogart 5 SE Operating System Overview of New Functions and Improvements

Render Booster Support
The product at the forefront of the new Bogart 5 software is the Render Booster. This combination of hardware (a USB stick with a special video processing accelerator chip) and software, dramatically accelerates the creation of Blu-ray disks and Video-DVDs, as well as the “save storyboard” function to disk or USB. Using the sophisticated transcoding hardware, a breathtaking image quality is achieved.

Perfect Play
No more stuttering, no more tearing lines in the middle of the screen: Thanks to “Perfect Play,” you can now experience your clips in full quality while editing. No more interlace artifacting, but a perfect playback. This feature only available on units with direct HDMI out.

Perfect Preview
Bogart 5 now offers digital “tape monitoring.” Material that is played into the unit via DV or HDV is stored on the system’s hard drive and is then simultaneously played back from there in perfect quality, while the recording continues. The user can now verify the quality of the recordings easily without any risks. NOTE: This version works on all Bogart machines in DV mode. However, only the top of the line models (S4100, S6000) use Perfect Preview for HDV (high definition) material, because of the CPU intensive real time operations necessary for this feature.

"Backup Storyboard" greatly expands
You can select the data rate of the target files (8Mbit to 32Mbit). This allows the user to save the storyboard in PC and internet compatible file formats without using the Media Manager. The 8Mbit data rate is specifically well suited for YouTube-uploads, as the upload time is significantly shortened by creating smaller files. In addition to this, the “Save Storyboard” function now supports the Render Booster. New file formats are available when using the Booster (mp4). These formats are also compatible with Apple products, such as the iPhone or the IPad. Using the Render Booster, it is now possible to down convert HD storyboards into SD-mp4-files.

Interruption-free import of very long AVCHD recordings
Wedding/event videographers know the problem: AVCHD camcorders will split lengthy, continuous recordings into 2 GB parts – and a glitch is noticeable at the “seam” (both in video and in audio). Bogart 5 recognizes such breaks and reconnects the parts in a seamless fashion. Even recordings that go on over many hours can be edited without any issues.

Import/Export audio in mp3 format
Previously, audio scenes could be exported only in the (uncompressed) WAV format – now, the popular mp3 format is also available. The Audio Import can not only import mp3 files, but now the additional Meta information (i.e. song title, artist) is supported as well.

Web / USB update possibility
Previously, Bogart units could be updated only via DVD. Now, it is also possible via the web, or a USB storage device (hard drive, thumb drive, media card, etc.). **Web updates may not be available in all markets**
  full version Upgrade from ver 4
  $249.00 $129.00
Bogart 5 SE Operating System


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