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Arabesk 6 DVD- BD menu creation
Arabesk 6 DVD- BD menu creation The main feature is the complete modernization of the user interface. The workflow has been greatly optimized and the surface much more clearly designed. A "check mark" system prevents premature burning of projects. A set of various symbols will show if items are missing, incorrect, or ready to burn.

Also new is the option of equipping Blu-rays with moving main and chapter menu backgrounds.

You may now switch between Blu-ray and DVD without having to intervene again in the design of the menus.

By popular request, now up to 10 "Disc projects" can be in process simultaneously.

Arabesk 6 now supports two drives. In addition to the internal drive, an external USB burner is also supported. This can be used for directly copying a disc, or to write to both drives simultaneously, which accelerates the creation of a larger "edition" of discs.

You now also have the option to export a completed disk as an "ISO" file. Thus DVD / BD productions can be stored on external hard drives, and later re-imported for lossless copies. (No changes possible with ISO imports)

These extensive upgrades are complimented by many other improvements, such as:

Improved menu templates for easier matching pairs for main and chapter menus in 16:9 / HD with optional chapter switches.
Menu backgrounds offer additional graphics "support". So transparent elements can be integrated to create a varied menu in seconds.

The time for moving menu backgrounds was expanded to 5 minutes (previously 1 minute).

A rapid and direct playback is now possible in the movie and chapter selection.

An extended preview (preview menu for DVD video, Blu-ray movie quality preview (B5)).

Graphics (company logo, ...) can now be included in the menus.

The Powerkey control for keyboard shortcut has been revised and expanded.

Selectable display sizes in the menu design.

The text design for menu's has been greatly improved and now includes selectable patterns. (B5)

Faster design of the disc menus with automatic menu changes are now possible.

The image quality of the menu has been improved.

Software requirements:

*(B5) This function requires a newer version of Bogart 5 

**Some features are dependent on active Silver or Gold editions!

Arabesk 6 can not be installed as a demo.

The installation of Arabesk Arabesk 6 deletes earlier versions. The disc project currently in Arabesk will be deleted when you update!

For the purposes of Arabesk 6, we recommend a memory of at least 2 GB of RAM. Casablanca older devices (S-2000, S-4000, ...) should perhaps be retrofitted accordingly. Contact your dealer or MSUS if you wish to upgrade.
  Arabesk 6 Full Version Upgrade from Arabesk 5
  $159 $99
Arabesk 6 DVD- BD menu creation


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