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Bogart Hard Drive Back Up
Bogart Hard Drive Back Up The "HD Backup Bogart" screen can be found in the System Settings, on the right half of the screen. Once unlocked, you can access the "Hard-Drive archive" part of the software. This allows you to back up, restore and delete archived projects.

Save projects (Backup): This allows you to save your entire project data on a storage medium.

Restore projects (Restore): Previously saved projects can be loaded using this function. This overwrites the project data on your work hard-drive.

Delete backup: Deletes a backup from a storage medium.

A backup can be saved on different storage mediums. You can use an external Firewire or USB hard-drive, or another USB medium. It is not possible to burn a backup to CD/DVD. A backup always saves all projects in one go. Archiving single projects is therefore not possible. A backup saves all relevant project data. This does not contain the system data, the editing software or any archive entries (colours, text, etc.). For archives themselves, there is a separate function in the System Settings called "Save/restore archives".

A backup stores the project data file-wise, which means that you require less space on your external destination medium than on the hard-drive in your Casablanca system. In practice, this means that you can use an external backup medium that is smaller than the total capacity of your Bogart SE system hard-drive. In addition, it is possible to store multiple projects on a backup medium until the capacity is used up.

Note: Restoring a Smart Edit backup is not possible, nor restoring a Bogart backup using Smart Edit.
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Galileo is a backup software program for the Media Manager. It will allow you to backup and restore your films, music, and photos to an external device.

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Bogart Hard Drive Back Up


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