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Moving Title Bax
Moving Title Bax Moving TitleBax

The popular lower third titling effects from the software product TitleBaX have now been expanded with animation capability in the new Moving TitleBaX product. This software consists of 50 moving images and a matching long-term effect. The sequences are designed so that they can run in a loop.

The this product was made with the concept of laying down texts from the titler onto a lower third animated graphic box as seen on many television shows. Render a Moving TitleBaX effect on a scene and then add your texts from your Titler on top of it.

Moving TitleBax works both in SD and HD projects, and supports 4:3 and 16:9. Since the HD-scaled animations can be used, this software is also particularly well suited for users who already shoot with her DV camcorder in 16:9.

Moving TitleBax is a large file that can be put on it's own CD-R. So it will not be found on the usual Add On software CD.

Software requirements:
Bogart 2.4c and higher
  Regularly Club Price 2nd, and subsequent licenses
  $119 $107 $72
Moving Title Bax


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